Travel Memories – My one person honeymoon

Last year when I went on my round-the-world adventure, I really tried my best to make sure my solo status didn’t get the best of me. Meaning, even if it was weird I made sure to do things that probably would have been better with a person I cared about, as I knew I probably wasn’t ever going to get the opportunity to do it again. One of the things I really wanted to do was spend time in Ko Lanta, one of the beach islands in Southern Thailand.

Ko Lanta view

Ko Lanta view

Ko Lanta is super romantic, I didn’t know anyone who hadn’t gone there as part of a couple, and while I was a little deterred about going alone, I knew I would be really disappointed if I didn’t journey there as part of my trip.

I got to Ko Lanta by taking a train from Bangkok to Trang, and then taking a shuttle/boat journey to the island. It was kind of an experience taking the train, I don’t know if it was being a lone young female, or being a lone black female, or simply being a female, but I had a weird experience where the male assigned to sit next to me refused to do so, and after moving seats with an older female, spent the majority of the train ride standing by his seat and staring me down. While being made to feel uncomfortable is part of the package of traveling as an other, I did wish for a companion at that moment, someone I knew who could have been my seatmate, just a partner so I could have avoided that experience.

Me, smiling in my seat before my weird seatmate experience

Me, smiling in my seat before my weird seatmate experience

The train journey was really long, but Ko Lanta was amazing. It was beautiful there. I didn’t realize that the accommodation I booked was pretty much a place where couples or groups of couples went to do couplesy things, which was actually kind of cool. I saw my room and saw a a fabulous bed with a beautiful flower and towel arrangement. I realized I was on my own honeymoon.

My fabulous bed in Ko Lanta

My fabulous bed in Ko Lanta

Fabulous flower arrangement

Fabulous flower arrangement

There are peaks and valleys to traveling alone, and one valley is the major bouts of loneliness one can encounter on the road. I was really lonely after my incident on the train, but once I saw the amazingness that was my room and the beauty of Ko Lanta, I had one of the weird moments of clarity that changed everything. While loneliness can suck, being alone and having the guts to trust your own instincts means that a world of awesome experiences can open up. Here I was, a girl from the Bronx, and I had the balls to travel by myself to Ko Lanta, and now I was on a wonderful honeymoon and it wasn’t even going to break my budget for my round the world trip.

I loved it there.

I hung out at the beach and got tan lines.

The beach on Ko Lanta

The beach on Ko Lanta

Went on a boat.

I'm on a boat!

I’m on a boat!

Took sultry photos of the beach.


And watched a lot of TV. I love TV so it’s ok.

Plus, I loved rooms during my stay and got to see more towel arrangements.

Loved this bed arrangement

Loved this bed arrangement

Ko Lanta was a good place for me at this point during the trip. I spent a lot of time thinking about life and my goals for the future. I had the chance to breathe, and process the many experiences I had on my trip prior to this point. I had fun here, and I think being by myself made it even more amazing. I think I might have had the best honeymoon ever, and I did it alone.

Me, alone.

Me, alone.

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2 Responses to Travel Memories – My one person honeymoon

  1. Moxacity says:

    Well, you’re obviously a badass because you took yourself on what looks like an awesome trip. And I definitely agree about seizing opportunities on solo travel trips (even if they might be better with a partner). You just never know. Some things that you think would be fun with a partner might not actually be for a million reasons!

    • Marilyn says:

      Thanks for the comment! I think you’re right about those millions of reasons, ! think my trip ended up being so fun specifically because I was alone.

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