Back in the game

I’ve been a bad blogger…

So much has happened in the past year after returning to my trip. I’ve traveled some more, spent a year away from NYC, moved back. So many things that I’ve meant to share and show, but I got lazy.

I haven’t even looked at the blog or any associated emails for the past year.

My bad.

I want to do better. I love the creative outlet that this blog provides and I want the opportunity to express myself and my love of travel through it.

I plan on doing better.

Thus, this is a dead blog no longer. I look forward to sharing all of the fun things I did over the past year, share more from my round the world adventure, and hopefully have some new adventures to cover with you. This post is my commitment to ensuring I pay more attention to this purplecremebrulee thingie, as I do love it, I do.

Anyway, thank you to all my past readers, as I really enjoyed our past interactions and look forward to having contact that might bring you back. Stay tuned!


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One Response to Back in the game

  1. yo she’s back! i’ve been waiting!

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