Amazing Lisbon

I only need to say one thing about Lisbon: It’s friggen amazing. While I still have a ton of travel stories to share and wonderful photos to show from the many other places visited during my trip, I just want to have the chance to share some of Lisbon with you so I can re-experience it for myself.

When I told some of my friends I was going to Lisbon, those who had been there before asked me why I was bothering. They all said it was a “ditch,” a waste of valuable travel time that could be used to visit more worthwhile places, like some of the cities in Southern Spain. But, being a lover of the (Brazilian) Portuguese language, I knew that I wanted to have a chance to see the origination of Lusophone culture. If I didn’t go to Lisbon, I would never go anywhere else in Portugal. And if I didn’t go to Portugal, how could I better understand the culture that I love so much (I LOVE Afro-Brazilian culture)? So, off I went on a 7 hour bus ride from Madrid to Lisbon. The ride was uneventful, but my first view of Portugal was this:

Beautiful (and random coliseum)

There was this really random, beautiful coliseum right at our first stop into Portugal! I knew I would be happy being here.

Once I actually got into Lisbon, I was greeted by their amazingly modern transport station. It’s kind of out of place, but really cool looking.

Lisbon Transport Station

I found my way to the metro (which had beautiful wall art) and off I went to my hostel. Another thing to note about Lisbon, they have the BEST hostels in Europe. All over really cool amenities and are really competitively priced. My hostel had a great sitting area:

Best hostel ever (I’m not telling what it is)

Lisbon is amazingly beautiful. When it’s sunny, it’s like the city is smiling at you. I spent about a week total there and did have the chance to venture outside the city to beaches, castles, and other Portuguese cities, but Lisbon really stole my heart.

Near Rossio

Lisbon doesn’t have the famous museums or the “prestige” factor of many other places in Europe, but it has romance, beauty, and an allure that captivates you. Without a doubt, it’s my favorite place in Europe.

My only regret? That I have not one good picture of myself looking fabulous while there. You’ll have to settle for this rooster I spent a lot of time talking to instead. Call him Marcus:

Marcus doesn’t mess around

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2 Responses to Amazing Lisbon

  1. fefe1 says:

    is that the golden gate bridge??

  2. Marilyn says:

    Nope, it’s the 25 de Abril Bridge. It was designed by the same company that made the Golden Gate Bridge though.

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