Don’t know until you try…

Hey y’all,

So I’m back! Sorry for the absence of posts, I was having way too much fun in New Zealand and forgot about you guys (kidding). I’m in Spain now, just got here yesterday.

I don’t know a lot about Spain and forgot something big, that people speak Spanish and I haven’t spoken that language since I learned a little in my 8th grade language class. I didn’t have any trouble getting from the airport to the hotel, but this morning, I woke up HUNGRY, and realized that my lack of language skills might get between myself and a plate of food. I left my hotel and started walking straight ahead, hoping I would see somewhere that looked like it served food. After about 15 minutes, I found a cafe. I booked it to the first seat I saw, and had my head down when the server started speaking to me. “Good morning, what would you like?” I told him I just wanted a ham and cheese sandwich. Did I want it for here, and did I want something to drink? I told him I wanted to eat here, and I just wanted a coffee with milk. My stomach was churning because I was so nervous. I didn’t know customs like tipping, and that whole not speaking Spanish thing was just terrifying me.

It took me about a minute to calm down and process that my whole conversation with my server was in Spanish. In fact, I even asked for directions to my hotel last night in Spanish. While my accent is terrible and it’s definitely not polished, I speak Spanish. Who’d have thought? The point is,  I took myself out of my comfort zone and realized that I had the skills to get around and order food, and that makes me feel so much more comfortable in being here. And that is why I love traveling.

I left the cafe smiling the whole way back to my hotel room. I think Spain’s gonna be a good time.

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8 Responses to Don’t know until you try…

  1. fefe1 says:

    glad you’re back!! have fun in spain.. hope you run into rafa nadal 😉

    • Marilyn says:

      Ah, I’m not that into him. I’d rather see someone hotter, like Javier Bardem!

      • fefe1 says:

        him too! more posts!

      • Marilyn says:

        Yes ma’am! More to come soon!

      • fefe1 says:

        Can you send me a postcard from somewhere cool? I was hoping Madagascar (when are you going there?), but Spain would be nice too. Make me think of Pedro Almodovar movies filled with color and *passion*.

      • Marilyn says:

        Lol, I love it when people talk about color and passion and Spain in the same sentence. But no more Madagascar, but I definitely can send you a postcard if you give me your address. Do you still have my email address? Don’t send anything personal through my comment page.

  2. O says:

    Well you know what they say about people adapting pretty quickly in unfamiliar situations; by the end of the day they will have learned how to say hello my name is, I need help, I am hungry and where is the bathroom. Haha. Either way, good to see you’ve updated the blog. Where abouts in Spain are you?

    • Marilyn says:

      Right now in Madrid, but I’m heading over to Portugal later today. I’ll be coming back to Spain in about a week or so to hang out in the South and go to the beach.

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