When you’re bored in Bangkok

I had to do an overnight layover in Bangkok and had a free day before my train to Southern Thailand. I wandered around a big mall until someone stopped me to take a photo with this dude:

Me and Tom Cruise

I was told about a magical place, where there were tons of other people that I could take pictures of myself with. And that is how I ended up at Madame Toussaud’s Bangkok.

Here’s me dancing with Beyonce:

And me being one with Michael Jackson:

Trapped in a cell and Hannibal Lector's hungry.

Me and my buddies the Obamas:

Venus thinks I'm funny

And even though the conversations were one sided and my new friends didn’t move very much, I had such a good time hanging out with the celebrities at Madame Toussaud’s. I’m sure you’ll have a good time when you visit too!

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9 Responses to When you’re bored in Bangkok

  1. Maniels says:

    Hahahah the beyonce one is the most ridiculous. I feel like their madam toussaud’s figures look way more realistic than the ones we have in times square.

  2. Mike Dauphin says:

    This is a really nice post….except….what’s up with that shirt?

  3. O says:

    Um that Beyonce one is ridiculous. The Tom Cruise figure looks like a molester and the rest look pretty good.

  4. fefe1 says:

    you haven’t posted in a while!! where/how are you? (it’s spring over here… joy!!)

    • Marilyn says:

      Sowmya! I’ve been in New Zealand for the past couple of weeks and just haven’t made the time yet. But I plan on posting in the next couple of days! I’m well, and hope you are too!

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