Ah, Macau. Land of the casino and mainland Chinese tourists. And good portuguese food. Odd, right?

Macau is a former Portuguese colony that was returned to China in 1999. It has a lot of old Portuguese churches and sites, and looks kind of like Salvador, Brazil to me in some places because of the style of the buildings.

Buildings in Macau

View from Macau Museum courtyard. The hideous building in back is the Grand Lisboa Casino.

I shared each sight with tons of mainland Chinese tourists.

In some places, you’ll hear the Macanese mixing their Cantonese with Portuguese, which makes for interesting eavesdropping.

But there’s also good food! Really good food. Meats mixed with seafood and other stuff. Every meal I had was good.

And of course, I went to the casinos! Of course, as a budget traveler I couldn’t actually play, but they were pretty cool. There are a few Western style casinos, but most are geared towards the mainland Chinese tourist. With China literally being within walking distance of Macau, that makes sense.

My casino photo

I only spent a full day in Macau, but I’m glad I went.

Seen in a park

Lasting Impression of Macau

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9 Responses to Macau

  1. thitwgcmiked says:

    Cool post. I wasnna go there…

  2. O says:

    Did they speak English or were you able to use your Portuguese to get by?

  3. fefe1 says:

    hmm this place is reminiscent of goa (a former portuguese colony in india). people there speak portuguese (or a hybrid of it mixed with other languages too. big beach culture.

    btw what does that tiled paining represent?

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