Welcome to Hong Kong

My flight to Hong Kong was wonderful. Due to frequent flyer mile hoarding over the past couple of years, I managed to accumulate enough miles to get obtain business class tickets for my major flights in and out of Asia. My flight from New York to Hong Kong was the first business class route on my itinerary. As soon as I checked in, the check-in lady gave me my business class lounge ticket and off I went for free alcohol and snacks. Then I got on my flight, which was through Cathay Pacific. The seats were weird, each kind of looked like a little cubicle. But the reason they looked that way was to accommodate different positions, as the seats could actually be set to be completely vertical. My flight was AMAZING. I had good food throughout, and the flight attendants at Cathay Pacific work like a well-oiled machine. I even got some fellow passengers and flight attendants to take photos of me enjoying myself, but I accidentally erased them a few hours ago.

I made a travel boo-boo though. I thought I was arriving in Hong Kong on Sunday the 29th, but turns out, I forgot that Hong Kong was a day ahead, so my arrival was actually on their Monday. I didn’t realize this until the cabin crew announced the date 30 minutes before our flight landed. I was so miffed at myself because I had found a host through couch surfing and was afraid she would no longer want to host me. It was 4:30am when I arrived in the country, and I deliberated about calling her so early in the morning, but realized this was kind of an emergency so I used a courtesy (free! Hong Kong airport is awesome) phone at the airport to do so. My host was completely cool about it, so off I went to meet her before she went to work. She’s really cool.

So now, it’s 7:13 on my first day here. I walked around for hours and had the chance to ride the tram up and down Hong Kong Island’s highest area, the Peak. I tried to fit a lot in, but at around 4:00pm, the jet-lag really started to get to me. I am beat, so I’m off to bed.

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5 Responses to Welcome to Hong Kong

  1. thitwgcmiked says:

    purplecremebrulee, you done did it again! i love this post!

  2. O says:

    Of course you’d have deleted the plane pics. Looks like you’re having fun. You’re photogenic and all but um can we please get more scenery pics???? I’m trying to vicariously live my world travel fantasies through you.

  3. Sheila says:

    Your travelling to so many cool places. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures. BTW how was your couch surfing experience?

    • Marilyn says:

      Hey Sheila! It was good! The person I stayed with was busy but really nice, and it was cool to get her perspective on living in Hong Kong because she was a black female ex-pat from the States. I thought staying with a host was a really great start to my trip because I had someone to talk to after seeing all the sights.

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