Life lessons learned while hiking yesterday

I went on a hike in New Jersey yesterday. It was a hike organized through, and which required me spending a full day with people I don’t know, while hiking, an activity I’m not fully comfortable doing. I had such a great day, and I want to share the lessons I learned while on my adventure.

1. It’s completely ok to step out of your physical comfort zone: Even though I’m not a “hiker,” I walked 8.7 miles yesterday. Due to my girly-girl tendencies and lack of preparation for physical activities, I walked in jeans and my “What Boyfriend” t-shirt. While I wasn’t dressed appropriately and completely out of my element at first, I made it through the whole day and had a ton of fun.

2. It’s completely ok to step out of your mental comfort zone: I am NOT an extrovert. I will never be the type of person who finds it easy to meet or interact with people I don’t know. My initial fears were that I would have an awkward time because I would not be able to comfortably interact with a new group of people. Thankfully, I put my fears aside and was able to meet a fun, friendly, completely cool group of people I would not have been able to meet in everyday life.

3. It’s perfectly ok to be outdoorsy and still be fabuolous: Look at the picture below.

I had an amazing day and met really cool people. I think my overall lesson is to always keep my mind open to new opportunities to have a good time and make new friends.

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