Goals, goals, goals

So, I’ve had like, a lot, of blogs over the past 10 or so years.

My first was a xanga. I don’t remember the name or anything else, and I barely ever posted. I felt like I created it more so I’d be able to access over people’s xanga’s and then make fun of the things they said to my friends (I was a hater back in the day).

I used to love blogger.com. And so I had a couple of different blogs under different personas. After a post of so, I’d quit because there wasn’t really a focus other than pretending to write from a different perspective than who I actually was.

I want this blog to work, so I’m creating a goal for it that I’m writing out so I can hold myself accountable. The purpose of this blog will be to focus on my two loves, finding great ways to have fun in NYC, and my adventures traveling on a limited budget. I have tons to say about both, so I think this blog might actually work out.

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